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We help business leaders dealing with growth problems who need funding from strategic partners, private equity or VC sources, or who want to identify and select best technologies to facilitate business growth.


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Want to expand into global markets? Looking for the right offshore partner? Or strategic acquisition? Or to be acquired? Want to buy or sell a product line?

Using our vast global network of investors and strategic partners, you’ll be able to close a deal sooner than you think.

Waiting for your business to take off? Is the cash flow limiting you? Have a great product but cannot get any real traction?

We can connect you to the right investors or strategic partners. And prepare a winning pitch. If you are building an airplane, consider building a flying car. Pivot.

Is your product line hi tech but aging? Are you struggling to stay competitive? Are the short product cycles killing you?

We can help you develop the most advanced version of your legacy products. And manufacture them in the most cost-effective manner. You’ll be competitive again and win.